Add value to your investment

A management contract, whatever its legal form, is one of the best ways to add value to your investment, provided you choose the right manager.

Take advantage of NEHÔ-GROUP’s knowledge and experience to make your investment dynamic, to manage your hotels by entrusting the management to us.

The NEHÔ Group’s management hub manages its entire hotel network. To this end, we offer service contracts to investors providing them with real assistance for the operation and management of their establishment. Exclusivity and trust are the key words to achieve the success of your projects in a winning strategy.

These different formulas of commitments, defined according to your needs, ensure you a unique follow-up and an assistance in all the compartments of the management of the establishment :

  • Long-term guaranteed commercial lease
  • Personalized management mandate
  • Operational starting mission
  • Strategic recruitment mission
  • Implementation of an Environmental, Social and Societal Responsibility approach.

Our experience in the field and our business knowledge allow us to maximize your investments and enhance the value of your belongings. Our wish is to accompany you in your projects in all serenity and transparency.

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